Pre-Qualification Form

  • Employment

    In connection with shopping for a manufactured home and mortgage loan, the undersigned acknowledge that they have asked MH CONSULTANTS, INC (hereinafter "MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSULTANTS") for a pre-qualification which requires MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSULTANTS to first obtain a consumer credit report. The undersigned hereby knowingly consent to the use of such credit reports consistent with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act as contained in U.S.C. @ 1681 et seq. The undersigned acknowledge and certify that MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSULTANTS has a legitimate business need for the credit report(s) for a permissible purpose and acknowledge that the undersigned have initiated this request. The undersigned further acknowledge that MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSULTANTS is authorized to furnish their credit reports per the TEXAS AND FEDERAL CREDIT REPORTING LAWS to potential mortgage lenders. The undersigned agree to waive, release, and hold harmless MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSULTANTS from and against any and all claims and causes of action involving the furnishing of my credit report in reliance on the authorization. The undersigned agree to indemnify MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSULTANTS for any and all fees, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees arising in connection with any claim or cause of action brought in connection with MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSULTANTS’ furnishing of my credit report in reliance of this authorizations. The undersigned understand(s) that this Authorization neither commits them to obtaining a mortgage nor is it a commitment to provide a mortgage loan to the undersigned.