As the biggest state in the continental U.S., Texas is continuing to grow. Commuters, young adults, and those looking to start a family have been seeking alternative living options since residential homes can be too costly or too difficult to come by.

Many Texan families have started searching for mobile, manufactured homes as a cheaper and more accessible housing option. But is the cost of convenience worth sacrificing a permanent residential home for?

Let’s compare the advantages and drawbacks of mobile homes buying options in Texas.

About Mobile Homes Texas

Who Buys Mobile Homes in Texas?

Families who have just moved to Texas or who are faced with long commutes to reach industrial or agricultural jobs might find mobile homes to be the best living option. Those who are looking to save money and choose where they want to live will find that it is best to buy mobile homes in Texas.

Where to Buy Mobile Homes in Texas?

It is easy to find a local mobile home seller or manufacturer in your area. In fact, Texas has more mobile homes than any other place in the USA. It is easy to find a trusted mobile home dealer near you!

How to Buy a Mobile Home in Texas?

Mobile homes Texas dealers are easy to find and communicate with. Get in touch with your local mobile home dealer today and find the perfect home to suit you and your family.

Mobile Homes Texas Pros and Cons

There are plenty of advantages to owning a mobile home in any part of Texas. For some people, owning a mobile home also comes with a few pitfalls. Let’s go over the major pros and cons here.

The Pros:

  • Texas has the best deal on mobile homes that you’ll find anywhere in the country.
  • Mobile homes give you the freedom of choosing where to live without having to be stuck on a single piece of property.
  • Manufactured homes are much cheaper and come with fewer monthly costs than a track home.
  • These homes are versatile, providing you the option for future expansions or room additions at any time.
  • Building a mobile home is much faster than a regular home.

The Cons:

  • The value of your mobile home will depreciate over time, so you cannot rely on selling it for a good price in the future.
  • Mobile homes are seen as personal property and not “real” property, which requires a permanent piece of property.
  • Your mobile home may be situated in a mobile home park, where you will still have a landlord or manager to answer to.
  • Mobile homes are generally smaller and must deal with the stigma against mobile homes (which is a factor that contributes to their lowered value).

It is up to you to decide whether or not the mobile home life is for you. Manufactured mobile homes offer great places to live and can be purchased much cheaper than what a stick-built house sells for. You may also have more versatile lending options when it comes to getting financial help for the purchase of your mobile home. 

Whether you are new to Texas, or you need to relocate due to a job change, consider moving into a mobile home so you can enjoy more freedom and fewer monthly bills.